Finding Great Window Contractors & Companies


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Finding Great Window Contractors & Companies

Finding great window contractors and companies is half the battle when it comes to replacing your home windows. Here are five steps to finding the best installers.

Collect 3 To 4 Initial Estimates

Homeowners should get 3 to 4 initial estimates - these help get you acquainted with your project requirements and help to educate you about what goes into the process of replacing your windows. Not only this, but it will give you a good sense of what the fair price is for the project. Compare the estimates and if any are way under or way over, get rid of them.

Ask The Experts

Next go online and google "replacement windows forum" and navigate to one of these big sites (sometimes you have to register to post but it's a quick process). Open a new ticket and solicit advise from the expert contractors on your project specifics. Enter all of your project details and pricing and basically ask if this is a fair price and whether the window series or model the contractor will be using is a quality window at a fair price.

Screen The Company

As long as the online contractors like your project bid, you then have to make sure that the company or contractor is going to do a good job installing the windows (if they don't like your bids, you need to get additional ones). Remember that the installation is as important as a well made window. Ask for references and call them up and make sure that the jobs went well and that the work has held up - getting a reference from 4 or 5 years ago is a good way to do this. Also try to see if any review sites from consumers have posted reviews on the company in order to get unbiased opinions.

Trust Your Instincts

By this time, you should have it narrowed down to no more than two companies. Trust your instincts at this point and don't go in for any company that is super aggressive in their sales approach - for the most part these window companies have poor reputations for quality installation. A good company or installer will make you feel comfortable and confident that they work with good quality products and they are thorough in their installation.

Quality Over Price

Never select the lowest priced bid just because it's the lowest price. Instead, concentrate on trying to find the lowest long term cost for your home. This means a quality window from a quality manufacturer - a well made vinyl window from a respected manufacturer is fine for 90% of all U.S. households. This also means good installation that is thorough and will last and provide your family with 20 to 25 years of energy efficiency (which can over many years actually save you a fair amount of money in heating and cooling costs).

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